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Job openings at multinational and growing organizations are sought-after in Mexico. Our US and Canadian team can immediately return calls from curious candidates, which drives your return on your investment.

Go it alone by posting a job to a Mexican job board, and you will receive a flood of unqualified applications. It takes time to comb through those resumes to find the hidden gems. By working with a trusted recruitment partner, we post jobs and proactively headhunt to unearth the best candidates so you only spend your valuable time interviewing the absolute best candidates.

We deliver outsourced recruitment support to clients in Mexico and Brazil as part of a larger regional or global solution. At present, we do not provide stand-alone solutions within these countries.

Have you considered an outsourced recruitment strategy?

Hudson RPO’s virtual team provides bilingual services in Spanish and English, and we bring a deep track-record of recruitment experience in places like Acapulco, Cancún, Guadalajara, and of course Mexico City.

Whether you are hiring for one key role, a short-term project, or need an end-to-end hiring solution, we deliver cutting-edge talent acquisition, consulting, and artificial intelligence to drive talent success for companies in Mexico.

Mexico Market Expertise

El proceso de reclutamiento "outsourcing"

Las empresas multinacionales están tercerizando sus procesos de reclutamiento para reducir costos y mejorar los resultados en las contrataciones en Latinoamérica. Formalmente, estas soluciones son llamadas de recruitment process outsourcing (tercerización del proceso de reclutamiento o contratación), o RPO. Lear los beneficios de tercerizar el reclutamiento.

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Recruitment in real life

Packaging Company

We hired plant managers in Reynosa, Mexico. Originally, we targeted Texas-based candidates, but drug cartel activity made it too dangerous to cross the border. We pivoted our search and hired local Mexican candidates.


We filled multiple sale, sales analyst, and contract manager roles across key Mexican tourist markets such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, among others, for a global online travel company.

Chemical Company

We provided end-to-end RPO services to a global water treatment company. In Mexico, two of our dedicated recruiters filled their ongoing openings for sales, product marketing, waste water and chemical engineers.


We conducted an executive search for a Mexican HR manager of a Belgian-based multinational biopharmaceutical company.


As part of an end-to-end RPO solution, we hired HR managers and multiple sales people for a global manufacturer of modular space and secure portable storage solutions.

Medical Device

For a new sales role, a surgical device company was inundated with low quality candidates from job boards. We took over and identified two outstanding candidates that the company wished to hire.

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